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You can connect with the IP: mcterminal.mcplay.nl See you there.


Hey minecrafters of McTerminal,

The server is official now back open with Factions
Make your own faction and become the best :D.
You can connect to our server with: McTerminal.mcplay.nl

AndorBird , VomarMedewerker (Owners)

07 Jun 2018, 19:03 0 | 1
the server will maybe open at This week Thursday at
8 hour in the evening in Netherlands time :) 
 see you hopely there.
for more questions send me an email to:

Greets AndorBird (Owner)

05 Jun 2018, 14:22 0 | 1
whe are really close to announce that mcterminal is going to open :D
Whe need to fix some bugges and permissions / plugins 
and more info about the opening of the server soon at our site / twitter and or Discord!

AndorBird (Owner) 

27 May 2018, 17:52 0 | 1
Yes whe are happy to say that factions is comming back :D

So Soon if the server is open you can  build your own base
Or PvP with pvpGods/Noobs :P

So see you there soon

AndorBird (Owner)

26 May 2018, 12:29 0 | 1
Yes whe have now an own website with own domain and no advertisements.
Own acess to everything 

Greets, AndorBird (Owner)


25 May 2018, 19:49 1 | 2