CommunityChat is still under the name: Mcterminal but that will be changed in the followed year. it will be changed to: CommunityChat.eu but before we will change you will get an message when we will change the name to CommunityChat / The url. 

We hope that you like that url / name. (Our team like it :D)

But anyway Have a nice stay here at CommunityChat (McTerminal) 

You can find the site at the url http://McTerminal.eu (2018) And http://CommuityChat.eu (2018-Future) (For now a Domain linker to mcterminal.eu)


Our team:


We are a team with at the moment 1 people (Owner)

You can always sollicitate for a job at CommunityChat (No payment)

Sollicitate at the email: Helpdesk@mcterminal.eu

We are a team that comes from the Netherlands

So if we made some Mistakes please tell it to us at the followed email: Helpdesk@mcterminal.eu


Greets, Andries (Owner) 


CommunityCraft Make friends or something else.


- 09/15/2018